First year graduate students in the Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) Graduate Program receive financial support and tuition from the ICMB during the Fall and Spring semesters. This support is currently at $2500/month plus tuition, benefits and fees.

Students that continue in the CMB Program and are in good standing are supported by fellowships, teaching assistantships (TAs) or graduate research assistantships (GRAs), with most of these appointments providing full or partial tuition assistance.

The Graduate Program offers a wide array of fellowships for continuing students that are awarded on the basis of teaching performance or academic excellence. Funding for travel to professional conferences is also available.

Research programs are supported by grants that are awarded to individual faculty members by the federal government, private foundations, and other outside sources.

All graduate students in the CMB Graduate Program are also encouraged to apply for their own funding. A number of both internal UT fellowships and external fellowships are available for graduate students pursuing a doctoral degree in Biochemistry:

Fellowships Administered by the Graduate School

Graduate Student Professional Development Awards (for travel to meetings/conferences)

Externally Funded Fellowships

Fellowship Calendar 

Information and Resources for Fellowship Students

Further useful information on financial assistance for graduate students is provided by the University of Texas Graduate School.