Welcome to the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program at the University of Texas at Austin! We are so glad that you have decided to join us.

Our official orientation for all admitted students (domestic and international) will be late August.   Orientation typically includes

  • breakfast
  • overview of the Program
  • run-down on course registration
  • lots of important paper work
  • faculty presentations
  • meeting with the Biochemistry Graduate Program Faculty Advisor
  • time to chat with other new graduate students
  • answers to all of your questions!

In the meantime, this page provides some general information you may need to help make your transition to the University and Austin a smooth one! Please contact your Graduate Coordinator if you have any questions or need more information. We look forward to working with you!

Welcome to CMB

Safety Training Requirements

The University requires safety training for all laboratory employees to insure that they are adequately informed about physical and health hazards present within the laboratory and methods for minimizing the risks of exposure.

The following online courses must be completed before you start work in a UT lab.   You can access these courses here.

OH101. Hazard Communication. This on-line course is required for any UT employee who works with or around hazardous chemicals. Remember, if you work with or around hazardous chemicals, you must also take Site-Specific Hazard Communication (OH102), which is provided by your supervisor.

OH201. Laboratory Safety. The objective of this on-line course is to provide a general awareness of the hazards and safety rules in laboratories. Course contents include: safe work practices, safety equipment, emergency response, chemical storage, waste management, and other topics This course is required for each person working in a University laboratory.

OH 202.  Hazardous Waste Management.  This on-line course describes general hazardous waste handling.

OH 207.  Biological Safety.  This on-line course discusses safe work practices when dealing with potentially bio-hazardous materials.

The courses below are not online and will be scheduled for you by the Graduate Program.  At orientation you will receive the times and dates these courses will be offered.

OH301. Basic Radiological Health. This course provides information on how to work safely with radiation and radiation producing machines. Radioactive materials and radiation-using machines can be hazardous if not used safely. Radionuclides are used at the University under a broad radioactive materials license and certificate of registration issued by the State of Texas, Bureau of Radiation. This course is required for all users of radioactive materials and radiation producing machines, including faculty, staff, and students. Employees who took an equivalent radiation course at another location should contact the Safety Office at 1-3511 regarding site-specific retraining and requalification requirements.

FF205. Fire Extinguisher Training.  This hands-on training familiarizes participants with the proper use of the portable fire extinguishers.  You can sign up here.


Ethics Training (RCR)

RR 102. RCR Biomedical Ethics Training.  This 6 hour online ethics course is required before you can start your 1st rotation.  You may log-in 'through my institution' here.

Planning your first semester

Rotations: start thinking/arranging in which labs you would like to work.

Register for required coursework

Sign up for the annual ICMB retreat