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Application Checklist

We are excited that you are interested in applying to the SUPER program here at the University of Texas Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology! Our application process contains two parts. The first item we need is an application packet with the following items.


Cover Sheet

A cover sheet with the applicant name, email address, phone number, current school.


Answers to these four short essay questions. Please limit your responses to 200 words per prompt.

·Question 1. Tell us about how you learned something outside of a formal classroom environment. What impact did this experience have on you?

·Question 2. Tell us about a challenge that you were faced with and how you were able to overcome this adversity. What was your strategy to persevere and what did you learn?

·Question 3. Tell us about a scientific topic or topics that you have been exposed to in your coursework that excite you. Why are they of particular interest to you?

·Question 4. Briefly, describe your post bachelor career plans.

Current CV/resume

An up-to-date CV or resume should include your educational background, relevant courses taken, related employment experience, relevant research experiences and any publications. If you have limited resume writitng experience, we highly recomend using the Purdue Online Writing Lab's resume website.


A copy of your most recent academic transcript. It can be an unoffical copy.

Applicants should coalate these documents into one scanned document. Please email that document to our SUPER Drop Box. *Please note, this is an email address. You simply need to send your file as an attachment*

In addition to the application packet, we also require a Letter of Reference. See below for more details.

Letter of Reference

We require one letter of recomendation from an academic letter writer, preferably a faculty member. Letters should address how the letter writer knows the student, outline the students potential for a career in scientific research, and an overall recomendation for the student to SUPER. Letters of reference must be submitted by the letter writer directly to cmbprogram@austin.utexas.edu. DO NOT INCLUDE LETTERS OF REFERENCE IN YOUR APPLICATION PACKET.

Once your packet and letter of recomendation have been submitted, you will recieve a confirmation email from the program.

Application Period

Applicaions will be accepted starting on January 1st, 2019. The deadline to apply to the SUPER program is March 31st, 2019.


If you have any questions please check our application FAQs or feel free to contact our Admissions & Recruitment Coordinator.