Akhmetov, Azat

Azat Akhmetov

Network biology, cellular modules and gene replacement.

Phone: 512-506-0037

Office Location
MBB 1.220

Postal Address
100 E. 24th Street Stop A5000
Austin, TX 78712

Azat went to Bogazici University in Istanbul. He left the university in 2011 with a BS in Molecular Biology and Genetics, but stayed in Istanbul to get an MS in Biotechnology and Biological Sciences from Sabanci University. He came to Austin in 2013 for his PhD - and remains there to this day. He is currently a graduate student working on his PhD at the Marcotte Lab.

Azat was introduced to network biology during his Master's, where he worked on building functional genomics networks to predict drug interaction from epistasis.

Currently he is doing lots of cool things at the Marcotte Lab, mostly revolving around transplanting human cellular modules into yeast to study their functions and mechanisms.

His interests include:

  • Use of biological networks such as genetic interactions (epistasis) and drug interactions (synergistic and antagonistic drug combinations) to generate hypotheses (such as predicting gene function and designing combination treatments)
  • Strategies for rapid, reliable, high-throughput genetic manipulation of yeast (eg. delitto perfetto, CRISPR, green monster)
  • What happens when cellular machineries are transplanted from human cells into yeast cells
  • Design and development of high-throughput experiments

Poster, "Combining genetic and chemogenomic interactions to explore drug-drug interactions":

  • August 2012: Presented at Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology (YeastMeet)
  • April 2012: Presented at 7th International Symposium on Health Informatics and Bioinformatics, chosen best poster