Agarwal, Poonam

Poonam Agarwal

Decipher anti-cancer drug mechanisms that function through DNA damage and chromatin

Leung JW*, Agarwal P*, Canny MD, Gong F, Robison AD, Finkelstein IJ, Durocher D, Miller KM. Nucleosome Acidic Patch Promotes RNF168- and RING1B/BMI1-Dependent H2AX and H2A Ubiquitination and DNA Damage Signaling. (* equal contribution). Plos Genetics (2014), 0(3): e1004178. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1004178.

June 2014: 2nd place for Best Graduate Student Poster Award at 1st Annual Molecular Biosciences Retreat.

Apr 2014: Poster presentation at 1st annual Molecular Biosciences Retreat.

Sep 2013: Poster presentation at ICMB Retreat, The University of Texas at Austin.