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Welcome to the Biochemistry Graduate Program at the University of Texas at Austin! We are so glad that you have decided to join us.

Our official orientation for all admitted students (domestic and international) will be Monday, August 27, 2018. Orientation typically includes:

  • overview of the program
  • run-down on course registration
  • lots of important paper work
  • faculty presentations
  • meeting with the Graduate Program Faculty Advisor
  • time to chat with other new graduate students
  • answers to all of your questions!

In the meantime, this page provides some general information you may need to help make your transition to the University and Austin a smooth one! Please contact your Graduate Coordinator if you have any questions or need more information. We look forward to working with you!

Welcome to UT

UT Graduate School Orientation

Each fall, the Graduate School presents an orientation designed specifically for new graduate students. A great place to get info on the graduate school, UT services, financial information and life in Austin.

College of Natural Sciences

Check out the CNS website for information about faculty, research, students and more.  You are also invited to attend the CNS New Graduate Student Orientation, which introduces new graduate students to the College of Natural Sciences. It includes an overview of the available professional development and career resources, information about health insurance coverage and other benefits (for TAs, GRAs, and fellowship recipients), university-wide safety information, and resources/information for teaching assistants.

ID Cards

Any student who has been officially admitted to the University may obtain an ID card. ID cards are required once students arrive on campus. Please bring a photo ID (driver's license, passport, or another government-issued ID card). A $10 fee will be charged for each ID card. For location and hours, see Office Information. The ID Center only accepts payment by check, but payments may also be made online under What I Owe within 30 days or in cash to the Cashier's Office in Room 8 in the Main Building.

Shuttle and Bus Information

With your UT ID Card, you can ride UT shuttles and city buses (Capital Metro) free! Many apartments throughout Austin are conveniently located on City and/or University bus routes. When making your decision regarding housing, you may want to take bus information into account.


The UT EID is your online account at The University of Texas at Austin and other University of Texas institutions. Everyone who deals with the university online should have one. Most UT Austin students, faculty, and staff upgrade their UT EID when they arrive at the university and get their UT Austin ID cards. However, you may be eligible to upgrade your UT EID prior to arriving at the university. To check your eligibility, please go to the Upgrade My UT EID section of the Help Page.

UT Direct

UT Direct provides students a personalized web portal with easy and convenient access to UT-wide information (UT EID required). Some of the services available are listed below. Note: You will not be able to access most of these areas until you have obtained your UT ID Card and it has been activated.

*Address updates in one convenient location

*Student grade history

*Student exam schedule (unique and dynamic for each student)

*Student schedule of classes

*Biographical information page, updateable

*Academic calendars

*Assigned registration dates, times, bar information

*Course schedule and class availability

*Degree audits, including "what if" options

*Advising resources

*Financial summary page with online credit-card payment options

*Tuition and fees

*Status of UT payments to students and staff

*Library services, including online catalog, overdue notices, and online assistance

*Financial aid, including application and processing status, awards, and funds

*Scholarship applications and job bank

*Course instructor surveys

*Computer account claiming

*Class Web sites

International Students

Check out the orientation information and schedule an Immigration Briefing & Check-In appointment with the International Student and Scholar Services before you can register! You can schedule these appointments online beginning in July.