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What do you do with that shiny, new Ph.D.?  Try to find a post-doc?  Head over to industry?  Put that required teaching experience to work for you?  Where do you begin?

Not sure about your next step?  Check out some potential career options.

There are lots of career paths out there these days for individuals with a Ph.D in Biochemistry.  Make sure you are aware of your options and see which will best fit you.  The CNS Postdoc Association provides a number of valuable resources for graduate students and postdocs including a Professional Development Seminar series with information on different career options, preparing for the job search and the actual application process.  Please contact Anne Tibbetts, Director for Postgraduate Education, for more information.

Know what you want to do next, but not sure what is available?  Check out some job listings.

Knowing what you want to do is only part of the battle!  It is never too early to start looking to see what jobs are actually available.  This will also help you to see the requirements, expectations and salaries for different career options. 

Don't know where to start and want to chat.  Check out the UT Career Design Center.

The Career Design Center provide resources and feedback to help UT students plan and execute the next stage of their lives. The Career Development Specialist for CNS graduate students is Dr. Po-Tsan Ku.  Po-Tsan has a PhD in cell and developmental biology, and also holds an MBA from the McCombs School of Business.  He first came to Austin for his postdoctoral work, and started his corporate career at Ambion, Inc.  He has 13 years of experience in the biotechnology industry, and has held senior management positions in multiple companies.  Po-Tsan is available for individual consultations with grad students/postdocs in all CNS disciplines.  To make an appointment, call the Career Design Center at 512-471-6700.