ICMB advisory committee members are appointed by the Dean of the College of Natural Sciences upon the recommendation of the Director of ICMB for overlapping three year terms.


Georgiou, George, Chemical Engineering, MBS (appointed through 2016)

Harris, Adron, Neuroscience (appointed through 2016)

Howard Ochman, Integrative Biology, Chair of CMB graduate studies committee

Krug, Robert, Molecular Biosciences (appointed through 2017)

Marcotte, Edward, Molecular Biosciences (appointed through 2017)

Moran, Nancy, Integrative Biology (appointed through 2017)

Paull, Tanya, Molecular Biosciences (appointed through 2017)

Russell, Rick, Associate Director ICMB, MBS

Shear, Jason, Chemistry (appointed through 2017)

Sung, Sibum, Molecular Biosciences (appointed through 2016)

Vasquez, Karen, Pharmacy, Dell Pediatrics Research Institute (appointed through 2016)

Whitely, Marvin, Molecular Biosciences (appointed through 2017)

Wilke, Claus, Integrative Biology (appointed through 2017)